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GurukoolMax's Terms Of Service

  1. The Services shall terminate upon the expiration of the then current License Term, unless the term of the subscription is renewed. The Services shall be automatically renewed upon the expiration of the then current License Term, unless you give us written notice thirty (30) days prior to the end of the then current License Term, of your intention to terminate the Services. Fees at the time of automatic renewals shall be at the then-current Services rates. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Business Objects may immediately terminate or suspend your use of the Services provided hereunder, or terminate your account and these Terms if you (i) fail to pay any applicable fees when due, or (ii) breach or otherwise fail to comply with these Terms and fail to remedy this breach within thirty (30) days of being so notified. Business Objects may terminate any free account or Services at any time in its sole discretion without liability to you. You will continue to be charged for the fee-based Services during any period of suspension. Termination shall not relieve you from its obligation to pay fees that remain unpaid and shall not limit either party from pursuing other available remedies.
  2. You may terminate any fee-based Services or reduce the number of users effective only upon the expiration of the then current term by notifying Business Objects in accordance with these Terms.
  3. Upon termination by Business Objects of these Terms or any part thereof in accordance with these Terms as a result of your breach, negligence or default, Business Objects shall have no obligation to refund to you any fees paid by you. The provisions of this section shall not apply to those situations defined by law.

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