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With GurukoolMax , administrators can use the internet to manage every aspect of their school and lead their students and faculty. Keeping track of student records and progress has now been revolutionized by GurukoolMax as administrators will now have access to real-time student and important school-wide information. Immediate access to all the information you need to manage intra-school operations is provided for you to help meet the demanding challenges of each new day.

  • Project name: GurukoolMax ERP
  • Target Stakeholder: School Administration and Management
  • Ecosystem Owners: SolutionsMax Technology Services
  • Initial Release Year: 2001
  • Number of Clients: 1802

How can your School's Administration Staff be benefited?

The value that GurukoolMax brings to an administrator cannot simply be measured in dollars and cents. We help clear desks and allow administrators the freedom and opportunity to interact with their students and faculty. The free and expedient flow of communication will greatly improve the efficiency of your school, and with admissions, billing, and donations features, you will have access to tools that will help you reach an unparalleled level of organization, where all offices can share and communicate critical information amongst themselves efficiently and seamlessly.
The reports and graphs feature allows administrators to quickly create detailed reports based on a number of variables that track student performance. Reports highlight strengths and weaknesses and can track tendencies and progressions over any interval of time.

All your needs are met on GurukoolMax. From billing, to grading, from admissions to alumni, GurukoolMax helps keep you in control of your school. Large filing cabinets are done away with as all records are stored in one database. Because it is a web-based application, the information is always accessible. No new servers, hardware, or software are required. No IT headaches or complicated machinery.
There is no doubt that School Information systems will become the norm for data management and school organization as time goes on. As students now cannot imagine life pre-dating the internet, so too will administrators soon not comprehend schools predating efficient School Information Systems. SolutionsMax is at the forefront of technologies such as this and we invite you to learn more about our timesaving features.
Student Manager
Add, edit, or view a student’s contact information. View a photo and all pertinent contact information (address, phone numbers, E-mail address grades, classes, medical history, absentee forms etc.) The student manager allows administrators to get a more personal view of the student without ever leaving their desk. Having a student’s interests and hobbies clearly formatted on screen is extremely beneficial and helps administrators view and understand the differences that make each child unique.
Staff Manager/Teacher Manager
Add, edit, or view a teacher’s contact information. All contact information is available including name, address, emergency contact information, even the make and model of their car. We store the license plate number on file, so finding out who left their lights on, or whose alarm is sounding is quick and simple. Teachers can be assigned to grades and classes making scheduling and registration a snap! Teacher profiles can include mini-biographies, work experience, credentials, references and more, allowing administrators to track and review key information instantly.

From effortlessly recording attendance, to producing daily attendance bulletins, letters, and documents, our attendance feature is truly comprehensive and simplifies a wide range of school attendance tasks. Because it seamlessly integrates with our grading system and communications system, teachers can send attendance to the administrator’s office with a mere click of the mouse. The updated roster is sent to the administrator and saved electronically after every class. At the end of the semester the total number of absences, lateness’s, etc, is automatically tallied by GurukoolMax so administrators never have to do any manual calculations or counting again. When Report Cards are generated, attendance information is instantly introduced onto each student’s report card saving significant time for both teachers and administrators.
Administrators can add events to the school’s calendar and choose who those events affect, whether they are school wide or just for specific grades, classes, or students. The events automatically appear on the calendar, but only those calendars that the event pertains to. This is a great way to plan school functions, encourage involvement and participation, and increase positive activity within your school. Whether you wish to post an upcoming car wash or a special assembly, our events planner makes sure everyone in your school is up to date and knows exactly what is happening.
One of the most complex and time consuming activities for administrators is made simple with our comprehensive, easy to use scheduling system. We accommodate line scheduling, block scheduling, grid scheduling, and a host of other options. You can easily build a master schedule based on students' course requests and teacher availability. GurukoolMax makes viewing and printing schedules a breeze. To call up a student's schedule, simply enter first few letters of the student’s last name. Move students from one class to another using pop-up windows that display all sections for a course, meeting times, assigned teachers, current sizes, and if that section will fit into the student's current schedule or is in conflict. Print schedules in line and grid formats on paper, index cards or in a rolodex format.

GurukoolMax accommodates students and administrators throughout the entire admissions process. From the time a prospective student requests an application, through the application review, to the interview, to the decision GurukoolMax is there coordinating the events and managing the information. GurukoolMax helps you provide prospective students with the information they need when they need it. Making things easier for applicants will improve your recruiting activities and the marketability of your school.
The comprehensive billing features are truly unique in that they account for any possible scenario and automate all calculations. Tuition discounts and stipends are automatically calculated. Bills can be automatically produced. GurukoolMax billing features can be customized to your school, offering your parents the ability to process their bills online anytime they wish, from any web enabled computer. GurukoolMax’s advanced technology can instantly generate and email/sms high quality invoices, process credit card payments, and email/fax receipts without tying up your valuable labor resources. Thank you letters can also be automated and sent out as soon as payments are processed.
Imagine having all your letter campaigns done for you. Now you can! GurukoolMax has a variety of form letters that can be sent to every parent at the touch of a button. Immunization forms, permission slips, trip requests, and many more can all be personalized to you and your school and are provided for your convenience. This feature is a real timesaver as it quickly and easily takes care of a near daily task.
Report Card and Transcripts
GurukoolMax lets you set your report card any way you want. Grading can be done by letters or numbers. Break points and weights can be assigned. GurukoolMax does all the calculations for administrators, takes into account attendance, and can understand the values of differing assignments, quizzes, and tests. Administrators also have access to any student’s transcript, which document a student’s entire scholastic history. The intuitive design and easy-to-use interface makes navigating student records a breeze. Transcripts allow administrators to take a broad look at a student’s performance and analyze any long-term patterns or tendencies.

School E-mail
View our directory and be presented with a list of school wide E-mail addresses. Create E-mails and alerts for one user, a specific class, a specific grade, or the whole school. Our directory makes E-mailing any group easy! .
Extracurricular Activities are an essential part of a student’s growth and development. Administrators can create, schedule, and post information regarding all clubs and activities in the school. Medical and consent forms are templated on the site and can be sent out to the appropriate students and parents. Administrators can view a list of which students signed up for which activities and teams, which students made which teams, and even view a list of students that are not participating in any activities ensuring that no student ever falls through the cracks.
Alumni Management
Keeping in touch with Alumni is important for several reasons and with GurukoolMax it’s also easy for several reasons. Alumni lists are generated and can be sorted and defined using any parameter. This is a great tool for holding fundraisers, helping current students find internships or summer jobs, or just helping alumni stay in contact with old friends. GurukoolMax enables your school to create an interactive online matrix for alumni, fostering a sense of lifelong connectivity between your graduates and the school, and significantly reducing the amount of time and money your staff must spend on alumni mailings. You can even provide alumni with access to parts of the site allowing them to be aware of upcoming events be they basketball games or annual dinners.
Health Management
Schools may take advantage of our health management features: Relevant health records are securely stored on our system so that administrators and health officials have complete access to a student’s medical history including allergies and any past traumas. The health system features a streamlined and easy-to-use interface. A new health toolbar provides a quick and easy way for the nurse to switch between past school years and the current school year. Immunization records, prescriptions, medical contact information are all on file so that the school nurse is constantly aware of the health situations regarding every student.
entire school from his or her computer screen. Administrators will also have access to class calendars and individual teacher calendars so they can narrow their focus and plan specific or school wide events without creating scheduling conflicts. Administrators can view the calendar for the entire month, or use the convenient tabs to view a weekly calendar or even a daily planner which lists the activities and happening for that specific day. The calendar can also display your school’s lunch menu so that you can keep parents and students informed of upcoming meals. Administrators can schedule events simply by clicking the date on their calendar.

Reporting and Assessment
Scores of different types of reports are made available for the administrator. Everything from attendance reports, to disciplinary reports, to overall academic summary and performance graphs are made available. Additional types of reports can be customized at the administrator’s request, and all reports can be sorted in a variety of ways helping you quickly access the information you need. Printer friendly versions are a great way to present information to your PTA, teachers, or board.
Guidance programs are an important part of every school. With GurukoolMax , guidance administrators can easily maintain and update information relating to each student. Guidance departments typically emphasize the post-graduate educational opportunities available to the students. Information such as college references, application due dates and status, as well as standardized test scores are all maintained in the guidance portion of GurukoolMax . Transcript information can also be easily accessed on this page.
Text Book Management
A software management tool like our textbook manager allows you to reduce expensive replacement costs by helping you keep track of where your textbooks are at all times. You will know which students received which textbooks and what condition those books were in when they were handed out. Keeping a well recorded inventory of your school’s textbooks will save your school thousands of dollars in replacement and damage fees.
Our registrar tool is incredibly comprehensive and enables you to store detailed information on students, faculty, and staff, as well as assign them to classes. The scheduler takes into account teacher availability, class size, special requests or circumstances, equipment needed for the class, registration holds, medical consent, financial clearance, etc. This greatly reduces time spent creating schedules and is a vast improvement over trying to do it all by hand.


Salient features include:
  • Registration & Enrollment 
  • Student Demographics & Family Units
  • Daily or Class Attendance
  • Health Management 


  • Master Schedule & Course Management
  • Assessment Reporting 
  • Graduation Requirements, Transcripts,
    GPA, Honor Roll, Grades & Report Cards
  • Teacher Classroom Management 
  • School-to-Home Communication
  • Discipline Monitoring
  • Students Records Management
Connect with Students:

Almost effortlessly put your class assignments, outlines, study notes, upcoming test dates, resource links , photos and more on your class pages to aid student learn well

Connect with Parents:

Easily post private content to keep parents up to update on their children's progress viz; assignments due, missing homework, test scores, progress reports, attendance and more...



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