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Career Counselling

Campus placement is a hiring process that aims at providing jobs to students by conducting interview sessions within the college campus. These students might be studying or be on the verge of completing a course.

Every firm has its campus recruiting policy, which may or may not differ from the rest.

The objective of campus placement

One of the key objectives for campus recruitment is to identify & acquire the best talent at an early stage to train them to be a strong corporate workforce.

It provides a strong platform to students who toil to get desired jobs & also cuts down drastically the time taken to find the right candidate in the professional corridors of the corporate structure.

Recent trends show declining participation of students in various assignments & training provided to them in their student years, this usually happens due to lack of awareness about benefits o these training & assignments in the future.

However, it’s important to understand that assignments & relevant training add to the skill of a candidate & thus provides an added value to his Cv.

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