GurukoolMax is fully integrated, automated, web based Enterprise software system that has solutions of being dedicated to activities associated with managing the student learning, assessment.

Its integrated and web approach will reduce lot of management costs and more.... READ MORE

GurukoolMax integrates over 320 functional modules into a SINGLE APPLICATION, unifying school and home! GurukoolMax’s approach to school management software automates the flow of information between school administration, the classroom and the home, via the web, . more.... READ MORE

GurukoolMax Capabilities
A fully online single platform for Management, Administration Teachers, Student and Parents of an education institute to communicate and share information, seamlessly

A seamless and automatic flow of information between Management, Administrator ,Teachers, Student, & Parents Faster and easy way to disseminate information as everyone is connected Easy and up-to-minute tracking of information at click of a button eliminating the long hours required to assimilate data from different sources Centralised data storage to facilitate easy access to information from anywhere; 24 x 7

GurukoolMax Content makes Enterprise Content Management (ECM) easy for everyone. Combining traditional content management, social capabilities, and powerful search, it is as natural to manage as it is to use. With its simple, behind-the-scenes administration, you can quickly set up compliance policies, while its familiar interface lets your people work just as they would in Microsoft Office. The result is well-managed information that is easy to find, share, and use.
Manages all school information in one integrated, real-time database. Aids in Timetable Management, Library Management also includes management of Bus Routes, School Calendar and Directory Performs billing, tuition fee management and automatic reminders after due date Monitor and track day-to-day operations of the school with customisable reporting. Electronic approvals of schools functions and accountability of staff
Develop student rosters, manage curriculum, performance evaluation, distribute assignments and quizzes, create lesson plans, schedule assessment based on the class room study ,post messages and streamline other daily administrative tasks Learning Tools, to allow access to thousands of free "teacher approved" lesson plans and materials quickly. View his / her profile, time table, examination schedule, syllabus and report card Update assignments Easy access to events and extra curricular activities
Enables parents, to proactively participate in their childs education via the Internet and Internal Messenger. Parents can check their student's progress, homework and grades. This module is specific for professional institute which aids the students and industry interface. This is an extension to the career guidiance department.
What are the areas that it covers?
  • Multi locations management
  • Fee tracking
  • Teacher Accountability with Curriculum Management
  • Student Forums
  • Timetable & Scheduling
  • Class Room Session Planner
  • Academic Performance Evaluation
  • Report Card
  • Internal Messenger And many more
  • How does it do it?
    Uses the power of web to

    1. Runs individual functions for every stakeholder
    2. Connect them at the back-end
    3. Generate consolidated views and reports for easy decision making
    4. Simplify day-to-day operational responsibilities
    5. Give anytime anywhere information