GurukoolMax is fully integrated, automated, web based Enterprise software system that has solutions of being dedicated to activities associated with managing the student learning, assessment.

Its integrated and web approach will reduce lot of management costs and more.... READ MORE

GurukoolMax integrates over 320 functional modules into a SINGLE APPLICATION, unifying school and home! GurukoolMax’s approach to school management software automates the flow of information between school administration, the classroom and the home, via the web, . more.... READ MORE

EducateMax provides comprehensive solutions to institutions based on their classifications.

For a K 1-12 Schools, the solutions is packaged with over 40 plus modules ranging from students enrolment, academic planners,curriculum management, online assessments,  examinations management, learning tools etc. All the modules can be customized to individual schools requirements.

For Graduate Schools, consists of the 40 plus modules plus additional modules that are related to careers guidance,research studies, Industry interface etc.

In addition EducateMax can be tailored for the professional education institutes aswell as the Tutorials/Tuition Schools.

We offer 5 streams of products namely:

  1. EducateMax Light
  2. EducateMax Tulasi
  3. EducateMax PowerRise
  4. EducateMax Celestials
  5. EducateMax Mangeta
To Learn about the each product , choose the product:

GurukoolMax Tulasi
GurukoolMax's Tulasi is a comprehensive system information tool tailored for small and medium schools who need the basic functionality of the school.  GurukoolMax's Tulasi, is packaged with over 30 plus modules ranging from students enrolment, academic planners, curriculum management, online assessments,  examinations management, learning tools etc. All the modules can be customized to individual schools requirements.

The modules comprises of the following functionality:

  1. Students Enrolment: 

    Students Admission process is automated through this module. Basic Students information such as demographics, past academic history, health records, emergency contact information can be stored.. 

  2. Staff Enrolment:

    Staff details such as qualification, experience and the field of expertise can be entered in this module. It also allows for staff search based on employee ID, employee type, name, gender, department, designation, etc. Teaching assignments, class teacher assignmnet can also be set up in this module

  3. Curriculum Planner:

    Curriculum Manager is a stand-alone online tool that can be used separately or in conjunction with GurukoolMax’s learning management system. The Curriculum Manager is designed to be flexible. It comes with a default curriculum template that can be adapted to any state’s educational standards and requirements. Educators can then copy/paste links from appropriate resources from GurukoolMax’s digital content browser, ‘Learning Tools’, and align those resources with standards and content they choose

  4. Academic Configuration:

    MyAcademics, Deliver valuable digital content directly into the classroom via powerful content and curriculum tools. Class-Room Session Planners, for effective management of student’s and teacher’s time. It provides a level of automation to create and maintain curriculum maps, as well as easy correlation with state educational standards. Assessment Schedulers for automation of repetitive daily classroom tasks like assignments, homework and grading.

  5. Examination Scheduler:

    The institute can setup various examination schedules in order to evaluate the student’s progress. The teachers would be tasked to evaluate the student’s progress through various assessment test and examinations.
  6. Timetable Management

    GurukoolMax has built online forms that allow the head of the institute to plan the school time table. The teachers can quickly get to their daily teaching schedules by accessing this feature.

    It is our endeavor to work towards adapting to Green Technology and replacing the paper based reporting of the timetable. The Principal’s office handles the task of generating the timetable. During the course of the academic year, the principal office can modified the timetable if needed and any changes get instantaneously updated. We provide the timetable to be viewed on the current day and also on weekday basis

  7. Attendance Manager

    Monitoring of student’s attendance is the key to learn if the students missed any of the class room sessions and students attendance results are posted on a daily basis or on a each class room session basis ( as deemed by the institute).

    The Attendance status are updated instantaneously by either the teachers or the person(s) designated by the principal of the institute. The Class teachers also need to approve students leave requests posted by the parents. GurukoolMax automatically computes the student’s attendance percentile which could be used by the teachers to approve or decline a leave request.