The Solution Gurukool Suite

GurukoolMax Product Suite

GurukoolMax provides comprehensive solutions to institutions based on their classifications.

For a K 1-12 Schools, the solutions are packaged with over 40 plus modules ranging from student enrolment, academic planners, curriculum management, online assessments,  examinations management, learning tools, etc. All the modules can be customized to individual schools' requirements.

For Graduate Schools, consists of the 40 plus modules plus additional modules that are related to career guidance, research studies, Industry interface, etc.

In addition, GurukoolMax can be tailored for the professional education institutes as well as the Tutorials/Tuition Schools.

We offer 3 streams of products namely:

  1. GurukoolMax PowerRise
  2. GurukoolMax Celestials
  3. GurukoolMax Light
To Learn about the each product , choose the product:

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