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There is no debate: students, whose parents are more involved in their scholastic live and take a more proactive role in their education, score better on tests, are more motivated and maintain better grades. One of the main goals of SolutionsMax Inc is to make it easier for parents to be informed on how and what their child is doing in school. Today, we see more parents working longer hours, but we feel education and involvement should never have to be sacrificed, which is why we created features specifically for parents that allow them to quickly glance at the overall performance of their child from any computer in the world. From home or from the office every parent, at any time of the day has the ability to quickly and easily view their child’s schedule, upcoming events, and stay intimately involved in their child’s day-to-day activities.

  • Project name: GurukoolMax ERP
  • Target Stakeholder: Parents
  • Ecosystem Owners: SolutionsMax Technology Services
  • Initial Release Year: 2001
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How can the Parents be benefited?

As the global marketplace continues to shrink, and as the internet and other technologies make the world smaller and educational competition more fierce around the globe, more and more schools will be using the internet as a tool to educate students. At the forefront of these technologies is GurukoolMax, helping students, parents, and teachers work together, communicate with each other, and benefit from each other. Our state-of-the-art, completely secure, easy to use system will grow along with your students. As their minds develop so will our software as we continue to provide the latest and best innovations for school information and management.

Homework Notification
View the dates of upcoming homework and class assignments. A personal calendar alerts you to when the assignment was posted and when it is due. It also provides details and instructions for that assignment. Homeworks can even be submitted online. Answers can be filled into our text box or can be uploaded as an attachment and sent directly to the teacher. Parents have the option of viewing what their child has handed in by clicking on a submitted folder. Graded homework appear with the title of the homework and either a number or letter next to it along with any comments the teacher made.
Class Roster
View a roster of the students in your child’s class. A photo of the other students as well as their address and phone number are made available to you. This allows for easy communication among and between parents and fosters a sense of community within each individual class
Parents can review their child’s personal disciplinary record covering their entire academic career through our system. A comprehensive set of record-keeping and reporting capabilities help track student infractions, the details of each infraction, and any disciplinary action taken.
Report Cards and Progress Reports
View a cumulative report card that details your child’s progress throughout the marking period or semester. The report card is unique to your school and GurukoolMax makes every effort to work with the administration ensuring that the report card meets the needs and requirements of your child, your class, and your school. Progress Reports are a great way for parents to keep up with their child’s progress. These reports highlight any particular patterns in grades positive or negative, and allow for any corrective actions to be taken before the end of the marking period or semester.
Extracurricular Activities
View the schedules, standings, and roster of every club or team that your child is on. Directions to road games/matches will also be posted as well as the times for all games and practices. Health forms and permission slips can also be downloaded utilizing this feature. Special chat features allow parents to communicate with coaches and captains, calendar alerts can be utilized to make sure parents never miss the big game or important match.
School-Wide Email
Parents can tap into our directory, which allows them to view school wide E-mail addresses of their child’s teachers and the other parents in the child’s class. Parents can send out class wide E-mails or targeted E-mails using the safety and security our system provides. SolutionsMax Inc will save old and sent mail so that conversations and important information are never lost.
Lesson Plans
Parents will have access to all lesson plans that teachers post online. This allows them to provide their child with extra assistance or to help their child prepare for the coming school days. This is also a great feature for when a child misses one or several days of school. Parents will know exactly what was taught in those days and help their child make up the work.
Lunch Menu
View the complete weeks or months lunch menu. Have access to which items will be served for lunch, what alternatives are available, what sides are served, and the nutritional value of the meal. This is a very useful feature for both students and parents as they can plan out their entire day including meal and snack time.
Parents can pay their tuition –and other- bills online. Trip payments, building fees, donations can all be managed through our financial section. Our system uses the same security as some of the world’s leading banks so parents can rest assured knowing that their financial information is well protected.
View and download school newsletters that will keep you abreast of the latest school happenings. This feature is a great way to show your child that you are involved with their school and that you are interested in the day-to-day news that makes up their scholastic lives.

Class Schedules
See their schedule and the assignments that are coming up. The schedule gives you a complete breakdown of the day’s activities and events including classes lunch recess, any trips or assemblies that might be on the calendar. Clicking on the class reveals the times that that class is taught, the name of the teacher, and a short bio of the teacher and what he or she expects from the class.
Parents can view the dates for all upcoming quizzes. Teachers may even allow quizzed to be taken online, in which case parents may actually see the entire quiz. Your personal calendar will alert you to the time and date of the quiz and clicking on the quiz provides details on what material will be covered and what kind of quiz it will be.
Parents can view the dates for all upcoming tests and see a description of what the test will cover. Your personal calendar will show you in a convenient color coded manner the dates for upcoming tests. Clicking on the upcoming test reveals details and information regarding that test, and the material that will be covered on the exam. All tests that have already been taken appear as graded with a number or letter on the date that test was taken. Because this is a completely web-based system grades appear in real-time meaning that as soon as they are posted, parents have access.
Parents can see their child’s daily grades on assignments, homeworks, quizzes, or tests, or view a cumulative grade in real-time. Grades can be charted over any time period and can be sorted in a number of way helping parents compare overall student performance throughout any time period.
If your son/daughter skips 3rd period, you’ll know about it 4th period. Attendance can be viewed for any date and tracked over any time period. Alerts can be sent from the teacher to the parent notifying the parent of continual tardiness or other attendance issues.
Communicate With Other Parents
Use the chats to communicate with other parents in the school. Chats can be restricted to parents from one class, parents from one grade, or allow all parents to join in. Events can be planned, issues can be discussed, or concerns can be raised through. Improved communication and the free flow of thoughts, ideas, and concerns are the fastest and easiest ways to improve the quality of education at your child’s school our secure chat features
Conferences can be scheduled through our secure chats with teachers, the principal, or the guidance councilor. Because it is a web-based system these chats can take place anywhere at any time. This is an invaluable tool for parents who are on the go or for times when contact cannot wait for an appointment as it allows communication with the most influential people in their children’s lives from any computer.
Scholastic History
View a cumulative attendance, discipline, and grade report for your child’s entire academic career. This report can be charted or be listed as a spreadsheet and sorted by grades, attendance, and discipline. Because the system is web-based it effortlessly stores data allowing parents to have view graded homeworks or book reports from years past.
Personal Calendar
The personal calendar is unique to every parent. Events pertaining to your children will appear on the calendar including due dates for all assignments and homeworks, upcoming tests and quizzes, and upcoming events such as trips and school plays. Clicking on the calendar provides additional details regarding the assignment. The calendar can be viewed for the month week or turned into a daily planner that will encompass your child’s classes and any special events that occur on that day
Alerts are automatically sent to your GurukoolMax inbox, but can also be forwarded to your personal E-mail address or you cell phone. This innovative feature allows you to stay in contact with your child and their school even when you are away from your computer.
Parents can sign up to volunteer, help organize, or chaperone an event. Your volunteer notice is automatically sent to the teacher or administrator in charge of the event. SolutionsMax Inc makes it easy for parent to stay involved not only with academic work, but also with extracurricular, school and community related activities and events.
Private, Secure student specific reports such as:
  • Daily attendance
  • Class attendance
  • Schedules
  • Homework
  • Scores, progress reports
  • Grades
  • Transcripts
  • Discipline notices
  • Tuituion Billing
Class specific content such as:
  • Class Assignments 
  • Photographs
  • Test Dates 
  • Resources 


Team, club and other group specific activites:
  • Practice Schedule 
  • Committee meetings 


General School Info, such as:
  • School news
  • Daily annoucements 
  • Athletic events
  • Athletic scores
  • Lunch menus


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