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School Automation Software [ SAS ] can be defined as all-in-one school management software that is specifically designed and developed to simplify the process of academic management. It is suitable for any kind of school [ IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education ), CBSE ( Central Board of Secondary Education), ICSE ( Indian Certificate is Secondary Education ), IB ( International Baccalaureate ) and the SSC ( State Boards ) ] administration and management associated activities that comprise of student admission, student/employee attendance, examination, track record of student/employee performance, etc. in a specific and structured manner.

School Automation Software will be designed to improve the way the school is managed and a step ahead towards the goal of paperless as of full automation of school administration. It is an interactive platform for all entities of Students, Teachers, Management, Trustees, Parents. The best thing about SAS school management software is that it integrates all the departments, processes, and functions of the school by consolidating respective information on a central server, which helps in better information sharing and fast retrieval of information, making the task more streamlined and organized. This, in turn, helps school management to take prompt decisions.


  1. Connects all Education Stakeholders Administrator, Teachers, Students, and Parents.
  2. No Hardware No Software No Installation Required
  3. All the transactions are strongly encrypted, ensuring confidentiality and security of the database.
  4. SMS alert system for fees, exam, transport, management, etc
  5. Central secure database structure that organizes, stores, and retrieves real-time information

School Management embodies the most diverse functions of the school. Its role is not only of a facilitator of education but that of a nurturer of excellence in education and competence in school administration. Hence, SAS puts you in complete control to accomplish the highest standards of education.

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