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GurukoolMax automates many tedious functions and often time-consuming work for teachers. The features specifically designed for teachers are user-friendly and are in place to expedite a teacher’s workload. The system has been tested by dozens of teachers and because of their input, we are confident we have created a system, which is clearly organized, with easy-to-use icons and logical menus, and helpful instructions, that any teacher will easily be able to navigate. The most time-consuming tasks are now simplified: with grading and attendance calculations automated end of the year grading and end-of-semester reporting are a breeze.

  • Project name: GurukoolMax ERP
  • Target Stakeholder: Faculty
  • Ecosystem Owners: SolutionsMax Technology Services
  • Initial Release Year: 2001
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How can your Faculty be benefited?

Because the system is web-based schoolwork can be done at school or from the convenience of home. Instead of spending hours pouring over handwritten lesson plans, teachers can type them up and send them to administrators or parents. Teachers will save loads of time by utilizing our state-of-the-art electronic grade book to record grades on assignments, homework, test, or quizzes. Teachers save time by storing all their information on GurukoolMax so that they never have to repeat adding notes or creating quizzes, and by having all grading calculations including weights and distributions automatically calculated and seamlessly integrated for their reporting needs.

With GurukoolMax, teachers can team up with parents to provide the best possible education for students and ensure that what they teach in the classroom is being reinforced at home. As a result of all work being posted on the calendar, parents can play a more active role in their child’s scholastic life, helping their children with homework making sure all work is completed and understood.

GurukoolMax’s aim is to harness the power of technology to help students maximize their potential, but our goal is also to provide teachers with the technologies that help them make the most out of their time. Using our chat features to communicate with students, posting homework online, creating newsletters about your class or activities, sending personal comments, and having quick feedback with students and parents are just a few of the many ways GurukoolMax enhances a teacher’s ability to educate.


Lesson Plans

Creating lesson plans is often one of a teacher’s most time-consuming activities. With GurukoolMax, teachers can create, assign, and reuse lesson plans. Create daily or weekly plans and formulate motivational strategies to ensure that the material gets across to your students. The motivational tools and strategies section is one of our most unique features and allows teachers to set up and highlight specific strategies for conveying certain materials. Lesson plans can be set over any time period and can be automatically sent to the administrator.


Academic Calendar

The personal calendar provides you with the tools you need to coordinate class schedules and communicate up-to-date course information including assignments, homework, quizzes, and tests. Each teacher has a unique calendar, which instantly updates itself by synchronizing relevant personal, school, and class events automatically. Teachers have the ability to add events in advance and sort them using one convenient, color-coded list. The calendar is flexible and straightforward making it easy to use and understand.


Teachers can add events to their, and their students’, calendars. They can add an event for all their students, a particular grade, class, or student. The events automatically appear on the calendar, but only those calendars that the event pertains to. This is a great way to plan school functions, encourage involvement and participation, and increase active involvement within your class. Teachers can post events such as class trips or school plays and even allow parents to volunteer to participate or chaperone these events. The events section is linked to the user’s inbox so that if a parent volunteers a notice is sent straight to the teacher’s inbox.

Electronic Gradebook

Our electronic grade book is flexible enough to accommodate teachers with almost any grading system at any grade level, yet so easy to use that it requires little or no training time. It facilitates grading by allowing for a variety of formats including number or letter grading, taking into account weights and curves, and automatically generating results instantly providing a score report that includes the mode, median, and range highlighting your best and worst performers. A highly customizable interface allows you to assign and distribute different weights to and emphasis towards homework, quizzes, and tests in calculating final grades.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports are a great way for teachers to keep parents informed throughout the semester or marking period. Instead of waiting for a report card, teachers can now instantly notify parents of their child’s successes or struggles as they occur, keeping parents in the loop regarding their child’s academic progress



From effortlessly recording attendance to producing daily attendance bulletins, letters, and documents, our attendance feature is truly comprehensive and simplifies a wide range of school attendance tasks. Because it seamlessly integrates with our grading system and communications system, teachers can send attendance to the administrator’s office with a mere click of the mouse. The updated roster is sent to the administrator and saved electronically after every class. At the end of the semester the total number of absences, lateness’s, etc, is automatically tallied by GurukoolMax so administrators never have to do any manual calculations or counting again. When Report Cards are generated, attendance information is instantly introduced onto each student’s report card saving significant time for both teachers and administrators.


Teacher can post class homeworks online, download submitted homeworks, and then upload corrected and graded homeworks for students to view. Special alerts indicate when homework is overdue or submitted. This is an essential tool for teachers to have, as it raises accountability for all students by eliminating the everyday excuses that students often have. Allowing students to submit their answers online eliminates a teacher’s need to carry around large stacks of paper, makes grading easy, and is an efficient way to collect and track submitted homeworks.



Teachers can post class assignments online, download submitted assignments, and then upload corrected and graded assignments for students to view. Special alerts note when an assignment is overdue or submitted. This feature even accommodates assignments that have multiple parts and thus multiple due dates. Posting assignments is an effective way to keeps students organized and parents informed.


Exam Creator

Teachers now have the ability to create their very own professional, customized tests. Question and answer orders can be shuffled, and teachers have the ability to reuse the same questions over and over again (year after year) while enabling them to select questions from their personal or a common question bank. Our feature is so advance that it even allows for a consistent number of questions to be selected from various categories ensuring complete coverage of all topics. After the test has been created, you can print your exam and an answer key is automatically generated for you.

Question Bank

Teachers can create a pool of questions to be used for any one of their classes on homeworks, quizzes, or tests. This pool is an invaluable timesaver for teachers as it allows them to mix, match, and reuse questions from previous years. Teachers have the ability to share their pool with other teachers and even other schools that also use GurukoolMax . Questions can be added, edited, or replaced at any time and teachers can access this tool whenever they are creating any kind of assignment, quiz, or exam

Class Notes

Teacher can post class notes, assignment sheets, or permission slips. Sort the notes by class or by date to provide a structured, organized way of communicating with students and their parents. Students who are absent will have the ability to view what was taught in class on that particular session. The class notes can be replaced every day or remain up for an entire semester. Slides and pictures can also be posted to further enhance a teacher’s ability to relay the material. Most important, teachers can scan copies of existing notes or worksheets and upload them onto GurukoolMax where they can easily be attached and distributed, allowing teachers to reuse them as they see fit.


Student Profiles

View students’ and parents’ most current contact information. More than just numbers and addresses it provides teachers with a complete outlook into their students strengths and weaknesses. Hobbies, interests, past and current academic performance is all available and can be easily sorted allowing teachers to view information as it becomes relevant. The information can be added to, so that if a teacher learns something new, perhaps that this student is a particularly talented visual learner or if a student shows a sudden interest in the piano, then the teacher can note that and share it with parents or other teachers.



Creating, sending and managing newsletters is easy and quick with our step by step newsletter wizard, which requires no HTML experience, allowing you to master this feature with ease. Creating your newsletter is simple, as you have the ability to choose from multiple templates. Easily manage the newsletter campaigns through your recipient list, which allows you to track new sign-ups and opt-outs automatically. With a click of a button you can instantly and effortlessly distribute the entire newsletter electronically to your recipients.




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