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Taiwan, India sign education agreement

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Taiwan signed an agreement with India yesterday to enhance cooperation in the field of education, laying the foundation for them to accept each other's academic degrees and certificates.

The two sides agreed to initiate strategies to achieve collaboration on research projects, exchanges of teachers and school administration personnel, cooperation in the field of technology, and mutual recognition of higher education academic degrees and certificates.

The agreement will also help Taiwanese universities recruit more top Indian students, MOE officials said.

The agreement was inked by Chang Chia-yi, chairman of the Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education of Taiwan (FICHET), and Beena Shah, secretary general of the Delhi-based Association of Indian Universities (AIU), according to a press release by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

In light of the growing number of Indian students in Taiwan, 80 percent of whom are pursuing doctoral degrees, the AIU said, it attaches importance to the agreement which it regards as a big breakthrough in the efforts to step up higher education exchanges between Taiwan and India, according to the MOE.

It is the fifth agreement of its kind to be achieved by the FICHET. It has forged similar pacts with the Austrian Exchange Service, Japan's Consortium of Universities in Osaka, and the State University System of Florida and Texas State University System in the United States, the MOE said.

During their stay in Taiwan, AIU President M.D. Tiwari, Vice President P.T. Chande, Secretary General Beena Shah and senior advisor Y.P. Kumar, have visited the Hsinchu Science Park, the MOE and several universities.

They have also met with local scholars and Indian students studying in Taiwan, the MOE said.