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India Gets Its First Cheapest Tablet Aakash
India now has its firs "ultra-low-cost tablet" called Aakash. The tablet  has an Android 2.2 (Froyo) and is equipped with a 7 inch touch screen which is resistive and consists of 800x480 revolution and has a weight of  reolution and has a weight of about 350gms.

Aakash has been made out of a  collaboration  between the U. K. based Data Wind. Aakash has RAM of  256 MB, an expandable memory slot of 32.GB as well as 2 USB ports.

The tablet of course has replacement warranty of 12 months and is supportive of formats such as DOCX, DOC,PPTX, PDF. It also has a headphone jack of standard 3.5mm.

The tablet will be made commercially available in November  at a price of Rs.2999. It will definitely not be subjected to any duty waiver or subsidies. Post--secondary students will  initially have access to i. The Government of India has plans to acquire the tablet from Data Wind at a price of Rs.2250 and will make it available to the students.