GurukoolMax is fully integrated, automated, web based Enterprise software system that has solutions of being dedicated to activities associated with managing the student learning, assessment.

Its integrated and web approach will reduce lot of management costs and more.... READ MORE

GurukoolMax integrates over 320 functional modules into a SINGLE APPLICATION, unifying school and home! GurukoolMax’s approach to school management software automates the flow of information between school administration, the classroom and the home, via the web, . more.... READ MORE



Welcome to GurukoolMax PartnerWorld, SolutionsMax's worldwide marketing and enablement program designed to create new revenue and market opportunities for SolutionsMax Business Partners. Our partners who have been our partner in the road ahead are

Every Service or application we develop, every challenge we embrace, every investment in new resources, every recommendation we make - is dedicated to one goal:

Making our customers' businesses stronger by empowering them to be more responsive to their customers and to the competitive environment.

We'll achieve this by focusing on the intersection of our clients' emerging needs and the acceleration of business and technological change. Our commitment to innovation keeps us focused on the future and being ready at every level to service change.

To meet the specialized needs of these industries, SolutionsMax Inc has continued to invest in deepening our vertical organization. We have added team members with distinguished track records in key sectors, who can serve as subject matter experts to provide clients with valid insights and viable solutions into particular industry issues. And, we have focused on developing competencies in the service areas that will be essential to each industry, be it supporting clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies, or integrating point-of-sale systems in retail.

A Passion for Leadership & Innovation

We understand that leadership and innovation go hand in hand. That's why we've taken a pioneering role in the following areas:

Vertical Business Process, Manage entire business processes end-to-end, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

We will let you decide the promises we make are bound be very true. Look at our clients list, most of them come to us for repeated business. Business Areas relate to Government Entities, Private Sector,Manufacturing firms, Educational Institutes , Bio Technology Companies and other fortune Companies etc. The List is only partial and more active companies are currently awaiting the completion of their assignments. Please ensure you read some of our customers testimonials and reviews and keep a close watch of the much awaited Case studies to be released.

Building on the tremendous need to deliver quality solutions to the Information technology industry and the need to contribute to flow of shared information on the information superhighway SolutionsMax was formed with an intend to generalizes and adapts to the Internet technology by forming a bridge with the industry partners

Throughout the process, we had trusted partner who shared our vision and seconded our mission statement. Our Service Partners:

Sivajyothi Educational Development Services Private Limited

MIST Computer Services.
SolutionsMax Inc.
KeyResultz Ventures.
GenNext Enterprises.

We are forging alliances with businesses that belong to this generation and the next. Our alliances and partnerships help us to deliver competitive hi-end B2B and technology solutions. The objective of our alliances and partnerships is to enable our Customer and Prospect's business success with a customized solution. We understand the importance of value addition - one that not only includes software, application integration and managed services but also quality and timely deliverables.

We have strategic alliances with:

Microsoft Corporation