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Welcome to the PTA Hub: The place for the parents to participate in the attaining excellence in academics and other extra curricular for their wards.


How can parent teacher associations nurture the overall development of the student.


The role of parents in nurturing the skills of every child is very important. Most parents may have difficulty in helping their child develop skills in the right way. Parent teacher association can be of great help in doing so.


PTAs are often seen as an organization that facilitates meetings among educators and caregivers. But they have a lot more to offer than just that. It can act as a bridge among parents, students and schools which ultimately helps the students. Caregivers can get to know about the academic and extra curricular activities conducted by the school to encourage student participation and development. The parent can then give feedback regarding the results of such programs taken up by the school and suggest other programs and teaching methodology that can possibly help in the overall development of the child.


The teachers and management can together to help the parents deal better with their children in ways that help the overall development of the child. Such interactions can be a learning experience for all the people involved. PTAs can also plan certain community activities that help the child develop life values and develop confidence in facing the world at large. Parent teacher associations can be instrumental in bringing positive transformation in special children. While they help in academics excellence in these students, what they do most importantly is boost the confidence in the students and encourage them to become achievers.


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We are 200% committed to make an positive impact in every child.