GurukoolMax is fully integrated, automated, web based Enterprise software system that has solutions of being dedicated to activities associated with managing the student learning, assessment.

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Case Studies
Review your Case studies.
Changes in Bus Schedule Notification
During the recent political activities in Andhra Pradesh over the issue of formation of a Separate State of Telegana, the schools had to cancel certain bus routes to pick up the students. Most schools authorities had to call in to every parent/guardian to pick their wards. But for the schools who use GurukoolMax ERP solution, it was a different story altogether. See how they managed the helm of the affairs on the business academic day.
Student has not reported to School and has been missing
In a recent occurance at a school based out at Bangalore, INDIA, one of the student was found missing. Investigation by the authorities learned that the student did not attend the school on that day and was irregular with her attendance. Futher more the classmates could not provide any information on who she was aways from school during the lunch hour.
Proactive Parents concerned about their wards progress and Teachers accountability
Students of the final year batch of intermediate studies have not performed well in the board examination. The results was uniform across the school and the parents have become increasingly concerned about the performance of their wards in these examination.
Teaching Staff hasn't been to the school and Subsitute teacher needs to be assigned
Schools Principal has many adminstrative tasks that need to be addressed on any typical day in their office. One major problem is the contingency plan when a teaching staff is on leave. Just assigning a subsitute teacher won't always help since the assigned teacher may not know how the class session should be progressed until they actually meet with the students.
The Placement Officer is worried about placement status for the outgoing batch
A Career Placement Officer at a Professional School, was worried about the slow down in their student's placements over the last 2 1/2 years. By Implementing GurukoolMax ERP which allowed the institution to showcase the achievements of students so they are more attractive candidates to hiring organizations.
School Accountant Rescue Tool
Accountant reports to the principal of a Global School that many students have not yet paid the semester fees. He has a huge list of students from whom fees are still due and tracking individuals fee payment is a up hill task for his team to handle and hence requests for additional staff to over come the situation when the new admission year is in session.
Students poor performance in a Mid term examination need to be evaluted and analyzed.
GurukoolMax’s Students’ feedback and Exam Evaluation module eases this analysis.