GurukoolMax is fully integrated, automated, web based Enterprise software system that has solutions of being dedicated to activities associated with managing the student learning, assessment.

Its integrated and web approach will reduce lot of management costs and more.... READ MORE

GurukoolMax integrates over 320 functional modules into a SINGLE APPLICATION, unifying school and home! GurukoolMax’s approach to school management software automates the flow of information between school administration, the classroom and the home, via the web, . more.... READ MORE

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How to be the Best Performing Institution?

The simplest way to achieve this is to purge the extra work that the teachers carry out including preparation of profound and comprehensive reports, involve themselves in a lot of day to day non-core activities etc. The institution should streamline their processes effectively that will allow them to achieve these results GurukoolMax ERP enables institutions to achieve greater efficiency and optimize their processes significantly.

Organizations, more so Institutions succeed when people work together. Creating such an environment where all the people in the institution can work together is the most important task of the management of the institution. This involves providing a great communication and collaboration platform for everyone. To deliver the quality education and help your students succeed, you have to equip your faculty with all the information about the students