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The Winners: Asia's Best Entrepreneurs Under 25

Gaddipati Rama Krishna, Co-founder: Bridle Information & Technology Solutions, is nominated as the Asia's Best Entrepreneur Under 25


Bridle is a mobile applications and services outfit-and that is a good space to occupy given the explosive growth of mobile telephony in India. And Bridle co-founder Gaddipati (the 2001 winner of the Intel CyberFiesta national software development contest) may already have a hit on his hands. The service is called SchoolMATE, and it is a comprehensive student analysis system that allows parents to monitor their child's progress at school.


The service feeds information on conduct, examinations, and report cards to subscribers, and employs technology such as mobile text messaging, the Web, and e-mail. The company has gained about 70,000 subscribers in Hyderabad and Vishakapatnam in India.

The first company to be incubated by BITS, Pilani with  a Vision "To touch every mobile subscriber in India at least once a Day". Their Our focus areas and business model is explained as ‘Bridle Trinity’ which described 3 entities:

Highly Accessible and Available Medium


    • Mobile Phone
    • Internet

High Involvement Areas


    • Education
    • Parenting
    • Healthcare & Personal Care
    • Id-Empathy Entertainment*

Services But not Products


    • Enable low cost ownership
    • Ensure today’s technology
    • Assure Maximum Value to Consumer


"Entertaining yourself with your own deeds" - (word coined by Bridle)


The concept of Bridle is rooted to the basic fact of business: ‘Control is the Core’. No matter what the business is, success is the direct measure of the control the company exercises on various parameters of doing things efficiently and effectively giving the most wanted competitive advantage. So, Bridle extends its services to clients seeking better control on their business.


Bridle caters to the needs of its clients in the areas of mobile applications and services, mobile protocol stacks, mobile service provider platforms, mobile presence, mobile enabling enterprise wide communication across a wide range of domains. Our commitment to excellence, proficiency and expertise in developing technology based applications and services shall place your business at the forefront. With customer centric policies at heart, we offer an unbeatable cost advantage of a competent startup and an efficient process-driven company.